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Just Say Tees sells dog theme graphic tees including custom designs and graphics for businesses, groups, and charities.
Just Say Tees is a brand that sells dog theme graphic tees and hoodies as well as accessories and gifts for dogs
and dog lovers. The brand has a wide array of exciting designs and graphic shirts that are well suited for all dogs
which is exactly why they have started gaining widespread attention.
According to the spokesperson, “With Just Say Tees, you can create your own t-shirt and so much more. This just
goes to show the amount of love and adoration we have for dogs as well as the dog lover community.” The
spokesperson adds, “We have everything a dog lover and their beloved pet would ever need. With Dog Mom Tee
Shirts that have some the cutest designs along with Dog Theme Graphic Tees, there's absolutely nothing that you
cannot ô€€²nd when it comes to looking for the best design for your best friend!”
According to recent news, the brand is launching an app for its customers to be able to create their own t shirt
designs and have them printed on the shirt of their choice. This is indeed something very exciting for the audience
to look forward to.
As a company, Just Say Tees oô€€´er services to businesses, groups, and anyone who wishes to buy shirts in a
larger quantity - custom graphics and designs as well as discounts which are given according to the volume of the
The spokesperson suggests that the new app will be for customers to create their own t-shirt designs with
colorized clip art available. The app will be launched on the 15th of May 2018. Customers will also be able to
customize other products as well such as coô€€´ee mugs, pillows and more. This will become available incrementally
after the initial launch.
Customers can also use the code JAYRCVC6QHD6 to get 10% oô€€´ on their entire order.

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