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Once you create your design and place your order, JS-Tees will complete the process on our end.  We will download your design and add to the shirt that you have chosen. 

We will send you mock-up for your approval prior to finalizing your order on our end.

 If you have anything that you would like us to know, please add to the Note section.

 Color variations:

There may be slight variations between the color in the designer app, and the actual t shirt color.  Colors may also vary slightly from your computer screen to the actual fabric.  This is not a variation that we can always account for. 

 The color samples we have chosen are as close as possible to allow for a visual of what your finished product will look like. 

Important for getting the correct color choice and size when you place your order:

 In the drop-down box, choose the color you wish to order, and then choose the corresponding color in the boxes below.  You must complete both steps.

 If you change your t shirt color choice during your design, you must complete both steps for your new choice prior to finalizing your order.

 Also - Be sure to choose the size you would like to order.







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